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Refrigerant R-407C
Industrial Refrigeration Gas

R-407C is a zeotropic blend of Difluoromethane (R-32), Pentafluoroethane (R-125), and 1,1,1,2 Tetrafluoroethane (R-134a), Refrigerant R-407C has a good energy efficiency ratio as well as a low compression pressure and GWP. It is a non Ozone depleting replacement of R-22 in various air conditioning applications.


  • Industrial Air Conditioning: Air Conditioning for the Processing Industry
  • Thermal hydraulics: Residential or Commercial Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Refrigeration: Rail coach, Refrigerated Counters and Cold Rooms, Refrigerated Vending Machines, Ice Makers, Refrigerated Warehouses, Ice Skating Rinks, Display Units
  • Industrial Refrigeration: Refrigeration Systems for the Processing Industry & Chillers
  • Domestic Refrigeration: Freezer


  • It is important that during initial charging or “topping” off a system that the refrigerant be removed from the charging cylinder in the liquid phase.
  • Many of the cylinders for the newer refrigerants use a dip tube so that in the upright position liquid is drawn from the cylinder.
  • DO NOT vapor charge out of a cylinder unless the entire cylinder is to be charged into the system.

DewGas R-407C Refrigerant adheres to quality as per AHRI-700 standard:

ISO Tank : 19000 kgs
Toner : 800 kgs net weight
Big Cylinder : 50 kgs, 55 kgs & 58 kgs net weight
Small Cylinder : 8 kgs & 10 kgs net weight


Composition R- 134a (52%)   R-125(25%)    R-32(23%)
Chemical Name 1,1,1,2 – Tetrafluoroethane
Pentafluoroethane, Difluoromethane
Class HFC
ASHRAE Safety Classification A1 non – toxic and non – flammable
GWP* 1774
Recommended Lubricant POE
Crit. Temperature 86.19°C
Crit. Pressure 46.32 Bar
Boiling Point at 0 Bars (g) -43.63°C


Inspection Time Unit Value
Appearance Clear, Transparent and Colorless
Purity % (m/m) ≥ 99.5
Water Content % (m/m) ≤0.001
Evaporation Residue % (m/m) ≤0.01
Acid Content (as HCI) % (m/m) ≤0.0001
Non Condensable Gas % (m/m) ≤1.5